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Compassion Green

The trends over the recent years, have shown that farmers have adapted to grow food that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but less pollution in the water and soil while practicing safe farming. Together, farmers and the local consumers can create an environment with high standards and greater health.

We Believe in a Greener Life "Compassion Green"

Our objective is to support the health and wellness of our communities through the exploration of open dialogue and mindful growing practices.

We support organic cannabis growers through offering them sustainable growing solutions that are not only beneficial to our environment but also for humanity.

“Compassion Green” is a beautiful blend of dark and rich nutrients, living microbes, worm casting, and coconut coir which acts as the perfect moisture controller, thus being consciously aware of the global water crisis and supporting water conservation.

our beautiful blend offers each plant the beneficial structural support it deserves. This allows crops to thrive from seed to flower, enabling the plants to flourish through a vigorous & profitable life cycle.

Join us as we grow towards a brighter and greener future.

"Peaple are a lot like plants, if we treat them well, they will grow and flourish."

- Bono

Compassion Green Organic Potting Blend

We have planted seeds all over the world.

We invite you on our journey towards making the world a greener and kinder place.


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