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Our Story

Beautiful things come from humble beginnings…   As we reflect back upon our journey, we cannot help but acknowledge the hard working and compassionate hands which have been woven into our family’s agricultural heritage.  We have a passion to share organic growing solutions towards cultivating a healthy and viable crop, our heart is to serve others in our communities, and we’ve dug our fingers deep into the rich soil only to appreciate the beauty of our environment and the world around us.  

Our forefathers, who went well before us, had the ability to see a vision which reached well beyond the crops, they could see the heart of humanity and understood the value of building a sustainable foundation both through soil science and leadership development.   We at Adoria, have a deep rooted passion for people and plants, striving to infuse their inspiring vigor together.  In order to truly grow and learn from one another from a place of excellence, we must be willing to expand and explore our horizons with an open heart and mind to GROW a great distance. – Plant Kindness


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is established in the essence of “Plant Kindness” meaning when healthy things are properly supported and well nurtured, they can grow and thrive, aiming to reach their highest potential.

Our Products

Adoria Organic Compost

  • Organic Compost
  • Simple Ingredients: Fruits, Vegetables, Green Waste
  • Excellent for Vegetable Gardens
  • Adds Nutrients & Breaks Up Heavy Soils
  • Protect Plants From Common Garden Diseases
  • Helps Maintain Neutral PH

Adoria Organic Potting Blend

  • Organic Potting Blends
  • Organically fused exclusively for container gardening and planting
  • Excellent for Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables and Seedlings
  • Simple Ingredients: Fruits, Vegetables, Coconut Coir, Mycorrhiza(Endo)
  • Adds Nutrients and Moisture Control
  • Helps Maintain Neutral PH
  • Exclusively for Container Garden

Simple Ingredients


The rich and dark compost matter is a beautiful soil amendment that most vegetable gardeners cherish. Perfect for adding nutrients and breaking up heavy soils, resulting in building good soil eco-structure. Compost also helps to protect plants from many diseases commonly found in the garden. It is a beneficial for helping feed earth worms and existing healthy living microbes which are already in the soil, consider it a healthy and well balanced meal for the garden soil. It can be recognized as a teaming ally for the living soil environment and helps to maintain a neutral PH.

How it Works

Step 1

Spread 1″ layer of compost across existing soil

Step 2

Amend compost with existing soil by lightly turning compost over into the soil

Step 3

“Plant Kindness” Plant your seeds or seedingd into the fresh amended soil

Step 4

Very lighly top fress the growing area with compost

Step 5

Water lightly and voila watch it grow
"Each bag of Adoria supports education and agricultural initiatives throughout the world. Follow us as we live out our philosophy to."

Plant Kindness